Few hours of ME saves dozens of valueless hours of YOU

I provide you the rigth level of automation for your design & CAD process.

You can focus on what you do best and what brings the highest value to your clients.

Rhino, Grasshopper, Excel, CAD program APIs, C#, Python, Julia, VBA, Web ... and much more !

Free Up Time

Permanently eradicate those dozens of tedious, costly and error-prone work hours in your process. Enforce reliability.

Keep Control

The right level of automation means the right level of control. Automate only what makes sense when it makes sense with the right tool.


Rely on someone that is gifted for programming algorithmic thinking and who knows what a building site is : in the end reality is what matters.

Architecture & Engineering

Hire someone that cleverly understands your complex problems and share the same AEC cultural background : not an unpractical nerd!


Full remote workflows requiere accurate and fluente communication : this is what I am commited to deliver to you.

Full Stack

Tailor-made automation requires a large pallet of coding skills, algorithmic thinking, and the mastering of several CAD programs.

Mens et Manus
— MIT's official motto


Automation & Computational Design

Hello, I'm Lionel and I live in France. I'm a structural engineer and researcher for 10+ years. I'm very good at algorithmic thinking and all kinds of programming. I excel in problem solving. I like accurate and fluent communication and I'm focused on provinding value to my clients.

I've worked several years in Paris for T/E/S/S , a high level structural design company, with a team of talented architects and structural engineers, on large scale projects. My algorithm skills were involved continuously on my projects to provide cutting edge solutions to our clients, enforcing our competitivity.

I've developed a research project in a first class french university lab named NAVIER. I've become a specialist of elastic gridshell structures (PhD thesis + several papers). For this work I've built numerous automation and computational tools to help me design and build these incredible ligthweight structures.

I've worked 2 years in the stone industry and polished my "design to fabrication" skills. I've learned the Kuka Robot Language and some GCODE and managed to drastically optimize the milling times for recurrent tasks.

I've been using Rhino + Grasshopper since 2010. I have done countless models, definitions, and all kinds of productivity plugins. This is the core stack I'm using to produce blazing fast and tailor made automations for my clients. It is such a powerfull ecosystem when it comes to algorithms and CAD bindings !

Beyond Rhino & Grasshopper, I am fluent in multiple programming languages : C#, Python, VBA, Julia, Web, ... I can learn any APIs to talk to your favorite CAD program directly and at the speed of light.